Joseph Goddard


Artist website for Joseph Goddard.

Leeds based artist concerned with postwar architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, Brutalism.

 City of Nithstang - Collage

In this body of work Goddard presents urban spaces as dizzying labyrinthine structures which appear to be simultaneously spiralling outwardly and collapsing in on themselves. These contorted, maddening perspectives offer a framework through which to view ghostly spectres snared in the throes of pain. Blunt concrete trauma and lacerating shards puncture anonymous forms distorted with agony. The work is a visceral, asserting and unapologetic combining of modern architectural structures, symbolising the differing strata of social and economic classes. These forms are melded into a singular mass of structural violence devoid of humanity and confront the viewer to bear witness to a twenty first century horror.

With use of low-fi cut and paste techniques the work draws on Situationist and Punk aesthetics which energize the work with the same furry that empowered the movements from the 50’s and 70’s. The surfaces of the work are torn apart by piercing concrete architecture, erupting viciously from figures trapped in torment. Beneath the skin and bone of the subjects, out of sight of the viewer the forms splinter without logic, without remorse and rupture sadistically. The work attests to the proliferation of urbanism in its most unrelenting, specious and dispassionate trajectory. 

City of Nithstang takes on the appearance of a medieval science fiction or worse yet, contemporary sacrificial barbarism. The series draws on Nordic traditions and dark age practices enacted in a modern context; an allegory for the brutal, dehumanising effects of global cities which ward off and curse its victims, cities in which impact is inevitable and escape is impossible.