Joseph Goddard


Artist website for Joseph Goddard.

Leeds based artist concerned with postwar architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, Brutalism.

Now It Begins

I've decided to start up a blog for my web site as a means of documenting my progress as an artist. It's probably something I should have done from the very beginning as there are many good reasons for doings so. I'm planning posting about upcoming exhibitions, progress in making new works, sharing my thoughts on the art shows I attend and maybe even commenting on current events (...maybe). I have considered back dating the blog to chart the several shows I have taken part in but think it would probably be  better to just pick things up from the present.

So - at present I am gearing up for a solo show at Arts Depot in London! Considering I have only had this site for approximately 18 months and I have only been pushing my work publicly for the same amount of time it feels like a huge achievement. Writing about this makes me realize how implausible the situation seems so here's a little context; I answered a call for submissions in the summer of 2016 and was lucky enough to be asked to interview. I proposed to show my sculptural series 'Structure of Collapse', in fact I think this was only the second call I submitted this work for which made it even more surprising when I was excepted. Like with most gallery space's their calendar was booked up so I was given a slot in October 2017 - 22nd 28th.

The work itself is now complete so at present I'm just working out a few technical details such as lighting and plinths. Having guaranteed a professional venue to showcase 30 sculptures in a solo show I decided to hold on to these sculptures and not exhibit them anywhere else until after the event. This strange set of circumstances afforded me the opportunity work on other projects over the past 12 months, works from which have been in a number of exhibitions and printed in various publications.  

If all goes according to plan, which I'm confident it will, the next post will include more details about the Arts Depot show and insights into the experience of exhibiting a solo show.